iNet 3G+4LTE internet
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New modern tariffs!

Tariff "Trafic" ( 3 Gb/month)
10 eur/day

Tariff "Trafic Europa"
from 0.18 eur/Mb More in All tariffs


Tariff "Unlimited"
1-30 days: 11 eur/day
1-3 months: 10 eur/day
More than 3 months: 9 eur/day

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Mobile communication of third generation is built on the base of Data Packet Network. Mobile nets of third generation 3G work in decimetric range, as a rule, about 2GHz, deliver data with a speed to 3,2 Mbit/s

Choose one of these tariff plans and you'll be able not to limit your communication, using Internet. Unlimited Internet with 3G speed:

  • - Unlimited access to Internet
  • - Free communication by Skype, video call
  • - GPS navigation
  • - Microsim for iPad and iPhone 4 for travellers
  • - Enjoy your favorite music, audiobooks, games and communication while travelling.
  • - Find hotels, museums, restaurants, shops and make a route.
  • - Make calls with a help of Skype and Fring, send emails, Google, Facebook, Twitter